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Husky Towing Products Quest Brake Controller - Worry-Free Towing

We Test Husky’s Advanced Proportional Brake Controller

Text By , Photography by Courtesy Of Husky Towing Products,

Trailer brake controllers have come a long way since first being introduced. You might remember your dad, or even your dad’s dad wiring up a controller back in the day—and what a hassle it was stringing wire the entire length of the truck, or tapping into the brake line in order to run a hydraulic controller. That, and the controllers of old were so primitive they had to be pre-set, often braking too hard and jerking when not towing heavy, or not supplying adequate braking power in panic stop situations (such as with time delay units) when you were heavily loaded.

Since the advent of inertia-activated, electronic brake controllers, braking sensitivity has constantly been evolving and improving. Thanks to proportional control, where the trailer brakes mimic the braking input of the tow vehicle, towing has been made safer, easier, and has also allowed users to pull a variety of trailers (with varying weight) in the same, smooth, trouble-free manner. We recently got our hands on Husky Towing Products’ Quest brake controller, installed it in an ’02 Dodge Ram 3500, and tested its functionality with a 10,000-pound toy hauler in tow.

Husky Towing Products
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