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Tow More With Sway Control

Making White-Knuckle Towing A Thing Of The Past

Text By , Photography by Husky Towing Products

With the gross combined weight ratings (GCWR) of pickups and trailers always on the rise, the diesel trucks available today have tow ratings fast-approaching commercial vehicle levels. And for most of us, owning a diesel and towing go hand in hand. So it’s no wonder aftermarket towing products have progressed so much over the years.

In much the same way the Big Three made drivers more comfortable by offering larger towing mirrors, exhaust brakes, and integrated trailer braking, aftermarket outfitters want the same thing: a safer, more enjoyable towing experience.

One company that understands this is Husky Towing Products. We recently visited its test facility in Elkhart, Indiana, where we were privy to seeing how it’s pushing both safety and driver confidence to new levels. And thanks to a demonstration on its test course, we were able to see how well its benchmark weight distribution and sway control system (the Center Line) performed in a high-speed, induced trailer sway scenario.

Adjustable, Functional, Durable

A: Tapered torsion spring bars help distribute weight between all axles (the tow vehicle and the trailer)
B: Trunnions activate the compression cylinder, re-centering the trailer
C: Compression cylinder creates resistance to sway
D: Easy-Adjust head alignment system allows for quick installation and setup
*System features both forged and heat-treated components for extreme durability

Husky Towing Products
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