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Programmers For The 6.4L Power Stroke, 6.7L Cummins, And LMM Duramax

Photography by Courtesy of the manufacturers

There's one thing that the new 6.4L Power Stroke, 6.7L Cummins, and LMM Duramax engines all have in common-they are forced to breathe through a diesel particulate filter (DPF). This "trap" is actually designed to get clogged up with soot, and that's no joke. Since clouds of black smoke can quickly plug up your DPF, the engineers behind your favorite diesel programmers had to work overtime to create new tunes that could operate in harmony with the new emissions equipment while still providing huge power increases. Here, we've gathered together many of the programmers already on the market with tunes specifically designed for the new DPF-equipped trucks. They'll let you do things like check the status of the DPF in real time, or even command a DPF regeneration when it's convenient for you. If you don't see your favorite brand of programmer on the list, make sure to check the company's Web site and do a search on diesel message boards for the latest information. New programmers for these three diesel engines are being released all the time.

More DPF-Friendly Power Options:

Dr. Performance Power Module
Dr. Performance
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Hypertech Max Energy
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MADS Smarty S-67

TS Performance Power Play MP-8
TS Performance
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