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Ford F350 Fuel Tank Install - Triple Your Fuel Capacity

Adding A Bed-Mounted Fuel Tank/Toolbox Combo

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On a recent trip, we calculated our Ford's fuel mileage at a dismal 9 mpg when averaging 75 mph, thanks to 5.38 gears and 40-inch tires. At that rate, our tank would be sucked dry in only a few hundred miles, and we would be stopping for fuel every few hours-taking precious time away from our Mad Max-style road trips.

Clearly something had to be done, so we visited Zylstra Automotive in Visalia, California, to have one of Zylstra's auxiliary fuel tanks installed. We were looking to more than double our capacity, and its bed-mounted design fit the bill. We opted for the Fuelbox model, which is a 58-gallon tank that comes with a very usable toolbox attached on top of it. The tank had quality welds throughout, the toolbox had its own separate floor rather than the top of the tank being the tool tray, and it was made of extra-thick aluminum so we could put some weight on it if we ever needed to. The tank also was compliant with all current DOT laws and had its own pump so we could turn it on and off when necessary. Best of all, the tank wouldn't alter our existing fuel system all the while increasing our range from about 250 miles to more than 700! These tanks can be installed by Zylstra Automotive or ordered as complete kits (pump, wiring harness, and so on) for the do-it-yourselfer. Follow along while we triple our range and gain a toolbox too!

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