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2002 Ford Super Duty Transmission Service - Now, That's Service!

Change Your Own Transmission Fluid And Filter

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Using the "Full Transmission Flush" coupon from your local lube shop may seem like a good idea, but you probably won't get the level of service you expect. Many quick lube shops do not replace your transmission filter when that flush is performed; and it should be exchanged for a fresh factory unit every 30,000 miles. Check your truck's service receipts and see if you were charged for a filter. Do you think they wouldn't charge you for a new filter if one was installed? It can't hurt to drain your own fluid and get a personal look at what's going on inside. Plus, it's a perfect time for a transmission pan upgrade.

A Fluid and Filter Change at Home Will:
Improve poor shift performance
Prevent transmission slippage
Repair ATF failure caused from running too hot
Not replace all fluid in the cooler lines and torque converter
Not fix a damaged transmission or broken internal hard parts

"Many shops do not replace your transmission filter when a flush is performed."

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