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Ford Diesel Parts and Installations

Diesel Power magazine’s Tech section showcases power modifications and hands-on installation of diesel performance parts designed to improve the performance of your Ford diesel vehicle
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Latest Articles

650 HP 2005 Ford F-250 - Dark Horse
We all know someone whose first diesel truck was a Ford with a 6.0L Power Stroke engine under the... more
2015 Diesel Power Challenge Entrants - You Pick The Players
The Diesel Power Challenge has come a long way in less than a decade of existence. The first DPC... more
April 2015 Top Diesel Tech Questions
Headlight removal for intake air, Power Stroke swaps, and air-to-water intercoolers... more
First Class - Particulate Matters
While I am a frequent flyer, I seldom get to sit in the exclusive space up front (I use the miles... more
Ford own Cummins?
I heard that they are going to put the cummins motors in the new ford Rangers... more
Diesel Ford Escort
Caught my eye 42 GPW project. I have a 43 GPW with a T90 trans that I am thinking of putting in a... more
Hummer project = Chevy + Ford parts
I tackled the pinion seal today. The 1-5/16 nut that secures the yolk was ridiculously hard to... more
Ford own Cummins?
Damn it not this again...... more