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Ford Diesel Parts and Installations

Diesel Power magazine’s Tech section showcases power modifications and hands-on installation of diesel performance parts designed to improve the performance of your Ford diesel vehicle
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Latest Articles

Street Truck Showdown 2014
First-time diesel events are never a sure thing. Spectator turnout, tough competition, the right... more
Ram/ Cummins Celebrate 25 Years of Turbodiesel Trucks
More than 25 years ago, marketing and engine specialists at Chrysler and Cummins joined forces and... more
2015 Ford Super Duty First Drive
It's no secret that Ford envisioned occupying the proverbial winner's circle with the introduction... more
2012 Ram 2500 6.7L Super Sleeper - Diesel Tech
We install a Banks Ram-Air cold-air intake, Monster exhaust system, AutoMind engine programmer, and... more
Hummer project = Chevy + Ford parts
The more I learned about the 1994+ dodge axles the more realized they are complete garbage. From... more
Hummer project = Chevy + Ford parts
Since the grinder was not successful, I borrowed a plasma cutter from a friend of mine. Upon... more
Hummer project = Chevy + Ford parts
I dragged the dodge axle outside and attempted to cut off the coil buckets. This proved to be far... more
Hummer project = Chevy + Ford parts
Here are a couple more pics of the axle. Here is a shot of the glorious serviceable selectable... more