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Ford Diesel Parts and Installations

Diesel Power magazine’s Tech section showcases power modifications and hands-on installation of diesel performance parts designed to improve the performance of your Ford diesel vehicle
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Latest Articles

Volkswagen Tristar TDI Concept Pickup
Volkswagen, bless its huarache-sandal soul, has been making van-cab and mini-bed trucklets for... more
2007 Ford F-350 Harley Davidson Edition - Total Commitment
It’s crazy how a truck’s world can literally change in an instant. One minute, a rig can be... more
2008 GMC Sierra 2500 - Honey Done
Justin Dall, owner of Advanced Diesel Works in Kalispell, Montana, was bitten by the drag racing... more
Trailer Antisway & Weight Distribution Upgrade - Totally Under Control
We think it’s appropriate and timely to highlight a new weight-distribution-bar/sway-bar system... more
Ford or Dodge?
That’s a good question as to which truck to buy. If you are considering a Dodge Cummins, the years... more
ford 350
The 1999 Ford 350 diesel made around 02/99 has the same enginer for the 2000 Ford ?... more
Ford or Dodge?
Im buying a 2008 ford f 450 6.4L for car hauling three car kaufman tailer its a super duty is it a... more
Hummer project = Chevy + Ford parts
I took the plasma cutter to the ford axle as well. I see a lot of grinding in my future...... more