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Ford Diesel Parts and Installations

Diesel Power magazine’s Tech section showcases power modifications and hands-on installation of diesel performance parts designed to improve the performance of your Ford diesel vehicle
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Latest Articles

Street Truck Showdown 2014
First-time diesel events are never a sure thing. Spectator turnout, tough competition, the right... more
Ram/ Cummins Celebrate 25 Years of Turbodiesel Trucks
More than 25 years ago, marketing and engine specialists at Chrysler and Cummins joined forces and... more
1985 Dodge Ram D350 Prospector - The Dodge Alpha
In 1984, Cummins delivered a nonworking mock-up engine to Chrysler for its engineers to test fit,... more
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Hummer project = Chevy + Ford parts
I took the plasma cutter to the ford axle as well. I see a lot of grinding in my future...... more
Hummer project = Chevy + Ford parts
The more I learned about the 1994+ dodge axles the more realized they are complete garbage. From... more
Hummer project = Chevy + Ford parts
Here are a couple more pictures of the new brakes.... more
Hummer project = Chevy + Ford parts
Since I only plan on rebuilding this axle once I am doing it right. I would have probably been fine... more