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2005 Dodge Ram 3500: Air Suspension Install

We Install Firestone's R4Tech Suspension System On An '05 Dodge Ram 3500

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Dodge Rams are known for their legendary Cummins engine. The rest of the truck, however, sometimes falls short of the competition-especially in terms of ride. The most jarring of the lot are the 1-ton dualies, which we've actually seen catch air over minor bumps. These trucks were built to tow and be loaded for most of their lives, so for daily driving, they can be downright miserable. Enter Firestone's new R4Tech suspension kit, a bolt-on suspension system that replaces the factory leaf springs with lighter-duty leaf springs, and air springs that bring the capacity back up for towing. Firestone's system is also self-leveling, so the rear of the truck can be lowered for backing under trailers. The system also incorporates a built-in traction bar to control axlewrap during acceleration and braking. For those looking for a 1/2-ton truck ride with 1-ton towing capacity, this air spring setup is the answer.

We made the short trip to Orange County Diesel in Huntington Beach, California, and can now show you the installation from start to finish on this '05 Dodge Ram 3500.

Orange County Diesel
17242 Gothard Street
Suite B
Huntington Beach
CA  92647
Firestone Ride-Rite
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