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P-Pump 24-Valve Cummins Swap - Bosch P7100 Injection Pump

Adding Reliability, More RPM, And 400 HP

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Many '98 1/2 to '02 Dodge owners get fed up with their unreliable electronic VP44 injection pumps or simply want more power than the VP44 can produce. Recently, we ran across an extreme example-an '01 Dodge owned by Andrew Simione that was to be turned into a sled puller with the help of Big Power Diesel in Palmdale, California. The stock VP44 pump couldn't provide much more than 500 hp worth of fuel or turn higher than 4,000 rpm, so the decision was made to upgrade the 24-valve with a Scheid Diesel-built Bosch P-pump equipped with 13mm plungers. It's thought that a P-pumped 24-valve is the ultimate Cummins engine, as it combines the 24-valve head's superior flow characteristics with the raw fueling capability of the Bosch P7100 injection pump.

While not everyone is looking to build a twin-turbo, P-pumped, sled pulling monster, the same basic parts used in this swap can be fitted to any 24-valve truck. Be forewarned, however, this isn't exactly an el cheapo junkyard swap. The cost of the conversion will be at least $2,000, plus the cost of the P-pump. In the case of this pulling truck, the Scheid P-pump, labor, and twin-turbo setup topped the $14,000 mark.

P-Pump Supremacy
The engine's horsepower went up from an estimated 500 hp at the wheels, to approximately 900 hp after the pump and turbo swap. Diesel Power rode in the truck on the deserted streets of Palmdale, California, and it felt like a solid 11-second ride to us-getting sideways and hazing the tires at 60 mph. It also sled pulled very well, finishing in Second Place behind another P-pumped 24-valve at a recent pull.

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