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1998 1/2 To 2002 Dodge Ram Power Recipes - Budget-Build

For $1,500, $2,500, $5,000, And $10,000 Budgets

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Perhaps one of the most overlooked model of Dodge trucks (besides first-gens) is the '98 1/2 to '02 Dodges equipped with the Bosch VP44 computer-controlled rotary injection pump. We've seen these trucks make some pretty impressive power numbers with minimal modifications. The key to high horsepower numbers seems to be big injectors, which will provide all the fuel that the VP44 pumps can produce. Injection pump reliability is also a big concern, and it's our recommendation that if you have one of these trucks, you upgrade the fuel system ASAP. You'll see this reflected in all of our buildups, from $1,500, all the way to $10,000. While VP44 trucks don't have the mechanical simplicity of their earlier P7100 pump brothers, or the easy power of the later common-rails, they seem to bridge the gap between the two, and with the right parts, can make 500 to 600 hp within our top-tier budget.

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