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Exhaust vs. Programmer - Diesel Tech

Dyno Testing The Two Most Common Diesel Mods

Photography by Cam Benty

The 6.6L Duramax diesel is an extremely versatile engine with lots of torque and plenty of durability-as the name would imply. For anyone looking for an excellent tow rig, race truck, or daily driver, this is one of the best to ever roll off an American assembly line. As is the case with most late-model offerings, improving the breed is a matter of careful engineering and creative thought. Yet when it comes time to modify your diesel engine, which modification should you do first?

With today's computer-controlled engines, the key to increasing performance is usually working with the high-tech systems rather than trying to work against them. That was the key motivation behind the changes made to this '07 Silverado 2500 test vehicle.

The '07 LBZ Duramax used for this test belonged to Paul Gonzalez. His truck was to receive two modifications that every diesel enthusiast makes: a swap to a 4-inch diameter exhaust system and a plug-in programmer. We felt that both mods were real-world changes that would help with the exhaust flow and maximize the efficiency of the diesel system.

The new Hushpower exhaust system Gonzalez spec'd for his LBZ Duramax diesel came with 4-inch tubing, but Hushpower also offers mufflers in 3- and 5-inch diameters. The system featured aluminized metal tubing, the proper sized Hushpower muffler, and all of the hangers and hardware required for easy installation. No welding was required and the factory hangers were used.

The Test
We began by dyno testing the rear wheel horsepower of the stock truck in order to achieve a baseline figure. The test netted a decent number of 315 hp and 588 lb-ft of torque. From there, we headed to Paul Gonzalez Custom Cars for the exhaust system swap. The Hushpower 4-inch kit matched the stock 4-inch system originally installed on the truck. The OEM resonator delivered from the factory was not used in this system, and the factory kinks in the tubing were eliminated with the Hushpower exhaust kit installed.

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