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2005 Chevy 2500HD Air Compressor - Compressed Air Anywhere

How To Install An Onboard Air-Compressor System

Photography by Trevor Reed

Serious truck owners know having a supply of compressed air can be a lifesaver. You can pump up giant mud tires before getting on the freeway and have the ability to use air tools to fix all the parts you break on the trails. By mounting a compressor that is driven by the engine under the hood and a storage tank under the bed, you can always have pressurized air on tap. Kilby Enterprises is now offering a kit for your Cummins or Duramax truck that gives you all that, along with a power switch in the cab and quick-connect fittings for both ends of your truck.

6. Next, the air-outlet line is attached and routed to the coalescing oil filter (right) before heading to the manifold with the blow-off safety valve and pressure gauge (above). All fittings require the use of Teflon plumber's tape to keep connections airtight. For this Duramax engine bay, the fuse-box housing was removed before holes were tapped for the manifold mount to prevent damage to the electrical system.

Kilby Enterprises
1847 N. Keystone St.
CA  91504
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