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Budget Fueling With A Swap Meet Transfer Tank

Turning A $40 Swap Meet Find Into an Auxiliary Fuel Tank

Text By , Photography by KJ Jonesx

When writing about fueling, we mostly mean injectors, injection pumps, and other horsepower-producing hardware. But with diesel prices heading toward $5.00 a gallon again, installing a transfer tank to extend a truck’s fueling range isn’t a bad idea, either. An extra tank means the ability to buy diesel where it is the cheapest, saving the owner some hard-earned cash. KJ Jones, Tech Editor of 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords magazine, scored a 30-gallon aluminum tank for $40 at a local swap meet. With a little extra bed space, he decided to turn the aluminum wonder into a budget transfer tank.

90-Gallon Fuel Capacity
With the 20-gallon stocker and an aftermarket 40-gallon Transfer Flow tank in place, this would mean a total of 90 gallons of fuel could be hauled, giving his ’95 Ford F-350 a 1,000-mile range—even when towing. It would also provide the freedom to fill up whenever, and wherever he wanted.

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