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Bug-Out Plan

Text By Jason Thompson, Photography by Jason Thompson, Terry Lafuze, U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy

Our society is reliant on the individual vehicles we operate on a complex highway network to move people and freight where they need to go. In order for this system to function, many things have to work right. For example, the roads need to be built and maintained to support the ever-increasing traffic. These roads need to be monitored by police and rescue vehicles, drivers need to maintain concentration and civility, and there needs to be a nationwide fuel supply. By any account, this is a challenging infrastructure to maintain. When you factor in that every year, 50 million more cars get added to the mix—you develop an appreciation for the advantages modern civilization offers.

What Happens If It Fails?
The structure of our society makes much of what we call “normal life” possible. But what would happen if society were to crumble? What if you couldn’t count on the civility of others? Could you give up moving around in your vehicles? We couldn’t, and we don’t think you have to, either.

Driving a diesel opens up many different sources of fuel—many of which can be scavenged when you are desperate—and the longevity of our chosen powertrain means we’ll be driving for many miles to come. So if you ever have to leave the comforts of society, want to maintain your self-sufficiency (no matter what), or need to evacuate an emergency zone—do yourself a favor and check out these diesel-powered emergency and bug-out vehicles. We’ll take a look at what makes both types of vehicles work for their specific situation—either running toward or away from the disaster.

Springboard Biodiesel
By Jason Thompson
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