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Allison TC10 TS Transmission

The Transmission that Will Revolutionize the Trucking Industry

Text By , Photography by Courtesy Of Allison Transmission

1. Clutch-to-clutch shifts—no power interruption required to engage dog clutches or synchronizers during shifts

2. Transmission TCM is mounted to rear cover

3.Twin-countershaft gearbox allows steady-state efficiency for highway cruising (low spin losses)

4. Helical gears for silent operation
Wet clutches for optimum cooling
Twin-countershaft gearbox: 10 forward speeds, 2 reverse speeds (5-speed box with a 2-speed range pack)

5. Overall weight: 1,030 pounds

6. Torque converter lockup occurs at 4 mph or less
Torque converter features early lockup clutch for higher fuel economy efficiency
Prognostics monitor oil level, oil life, filter life, and transmission health to determine change intervals and alert operators when service is due

In just a few months (October), Allison Transmission will revolutionize the Class 8 market. That’s a bold statement, but so is the new TC10 TS automatic from the Indianapolis-based company. Its new transmission features a twin-countershaft gearbox and torque converter, 10 forward gears, and it will be the first true automatic in the Class 8 industry—not an automated manual (the TS stands for tractor series).

The Automatic Advantage
Some of the key benefits of the TC10 lie in its use of a torque converter. The converter will allow for uninterrupted, smooth acceleration (powershifting) and offer the feel of an infinitely variable First gear. Contrary to fully manual and automated manuals, in which low-torque takeoffs are necessary to protect and not slip the clutch, full-torque launches will be possible. As with all Allison transmissions, no rollback situations will occur, either (ideal for stop-and-go driving on grades).

On the longevity front, the TC10 is equally advantageous. By using a torque converter, it rules out clutch adjustments (typically $150) and clutch replacements (typically $2,200), saving truck owners on both repair costs and downtime. According to Allison, use of a torque converter offers a longer life cycle value, where U-joint failures, twisted driveshafts, and blown rear axle scenarios are virtually eliminated. Finally, the twin-countershaft design adds strength and durability (with increased input shaft support, even torque distribution throughout, and reduced drag on the output shaft). Perhaps the best part for potential buyers is the price, which is said to be less than an Allison 4000 and targeted to rival the cost of competitors’ automated manual transmissions.

*With these available gear ratios, trucks utilizing taller axle ratios will have better city driveability, as well as great fuel economy potential at highway speeds.

Allison Transmission
4700 W. 10th St.
IN  46222
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