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Stop Rust! - Eastwood Internal Frame Coating

From the Inside Out, with a DIY Frame Coating

Text By Jason Thompson, Photography by Jason Thompson

Many diesel owners treat their truck like it doesn’t have feelings. They have high expectations for their trusty steel horse, but the fact is, it needs tender care, too—if it is to last. Unless your truck hides from work, just left the dealer’s lot, or is stored in an environmentally sealed chamber, your pickup could probably benefit from some form of bodywork.

Eastwood is a mail order company automotive enthusiasts have known about for years. Its restoration products have been featured regularly in Hot Rod, Car Craft, and dozens of other car magazines. Diesel Power readers will want to pay attention to the Eastwood name as well, because we’ve seen the restorations you’ve done—the evidence is in our Readers’ Diesels section. While we don’t think of our diesel trucks as classics (yet), we know we want to keep them around for a long, long time. We look forward to showing you more of Eastwood’s products as we paint Project 300 in an upcoming issue.

By Jason Thompson
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