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Diesel Fuel Advantages - 50 Reasons

Diesel Is The Ultimate Fuel

Photography by Courtesy of Bosch, The SAE and U.S. Department Of Energy

24. A gasoline engine needs large amounts of fuel to get it started in cold weather (think about using the choke). If you do a lot of stop-and-go driving, your car will never get its estimated fuel economy.

25. A diesel produces maximum torque at low engine speed. This makes it perfect for getting heavy loads moving.

26. A diesel is more reliable because it does not have to deal with a spark ignition system.

27. An article written by the Health Effects Institute suggests older diesel engines produce safer emissions. Although older engines produce more emissions by mass, their particles are larger and less dangerous.

28. You'll never have to worry about pre-ignition in a compression ignition engine.

29. Biodiesel has 34% more energy densitythan ethanol.

30. The largest and most powerful internal combustion engine in the world is a diesel (Wartsilla-Sulzer RTAA96-C).

31. If you're a fish, it's better to have 100,000 gallons of biodiesel spill into your river than 1 ounce of gasoline.

32. A diesel vehicle holds its value better than a gasoline one.

33. A mechanically injected diesel does not need electricity to keep it going. If your alternator fails, a diesel engine will get you home.

34. It is easier to turbocharge a diesel engine.

35. It is easier to supercharge a diesel engine.

36. Gasoline engines produce deadly concentrations of carbon monoxide. By contrast, diesels produce little carbon monoxide.

37. Diesel fuel is a lubricant. Gasoline is a solvent. What would you rather spray on your cylinder walls?

38. India's Tata Energy Research Institute said clean diesel beats compressed natural gas (CNG) on cost and delivers the same amount of "toxic" pollutants.

39. Compressed natural gas has 75% less energy density than diesel fuel.

40. The best batteries are 85% less energy dense than diesel fuel.

41. The diesel BMW 520D luxury car beat the Toyota Prius economy car in fuel economy tests.

42. Diesel dominated at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

43. If you're driving up a steep hill or carrying a heavy load, a diesel engine is less likely to stall.

44. Since diesels are built to withstand high compression, they are built with stronger pieces, which makes them last longer.

45. Rudolf Diesel built his engine to improve mankind.

46. With no ignition system, the mechanical diesel engine will not interfere with radios, communication devices, or pacemakers.

47. Diesels are better in remote areas and third world countries because they can run on vegetable oil and are less complicated than other drivetrains.

48. Since a diesel is more efficient, it generates less noise and waste heat.

49. Diesel fuel and exhaust just smells better.

50. Diesel engines require less fuel to drive a given distance or do a certain amountof work. Less fuel burned is less fuel refined, less fuel transported, less fuel stored, and less fuel spilled. And using less fuel in all of these categories is an advantage for the engine, vehicle, driver, economy, environment, and Diesel Power readers just like you!

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