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Reader's Letters May 2014 - Letters To The Editor

Postal Route: Our Readers Write Back

Text By Diesel Power Staff

A Matter of Opinions

In regard to your February issue, you printed the words “Do GM Trucks Even Matter Now?” on the cover. I understand you were making reference to the front-page story of the 2015 Ford F-450. However, for me, it did raise the question as to why you did not include a 2013 Chevrolet 3500 HD LTZ (or a GMC 3500 Denali HD) in your “In search of the Tow King” test.

Just because GM’s “numbers” aren’t there, doesn’t mean inquiring minds don’t want to know.

J.J. Leal
via email

GM declined our invitation to participate, but we are working to get all three trucks together later this year for a rematch.

I have been a fan of your magazine for quite some time and have been a diesel-powered pickup owner since 2005. But after reading your latest February 2014 issue, I am very dissatisfied with your test between the 2013 Ram 3500 and 2013 Ford F-450. I was always taught as a child growing up to be fair in everything you do, and I just can’t see where it is right to compare a 1-ton truck to a 1 1/2-ton truck. Maybe Ford needs to step things up in its F-series line to compete against the Ram 3500, and not by using its F-450 line. I, as well as countless other owners, look to your magazine for fairness in all tests you guys do. If my argument with this matter is not right, I would like someone to explain how I’m wrong. I know it’s Ford’s heavy hitter, but come on. Maybe 1-ton to 1-ton will set all arguments aside and prove who makes the most capable truck in this segment. By all means, keep up the good work you guys do.

Adam Miller 
Cyclone, West Virginia

In the February 2014 issue, you highlight the 2015 F-450 with the tagline “Do GM Trucks Even Matter Now?” Why is it that most publications, including yours, compare the 1 1/2-ton Ford F-450 to the 1-ton Chevy Silverado and the 1-ton Ram 3500? Wouldn’t a much fairer comparison be the Ford F-350 to the Chevy and Ram 1-ton counterparts? In reality, based on weight, it most certainly is. Your comparison is like that of a Corvette vs. a Mustang. While I’m sure all diesel owners tow every day of their lives and never leave the farm or job site, there is a continent of owners that, let’s be honest, sometimes do have to go to the mall, grocery store, or even out to dinner. No one -- regardless of what they tell you -- wants to drive a 1½-ton truck in these situations. If we did, we would also be comparing Chevy Kodiak dump trucks and Cummins-powered tanks. In the future, please compare apples to apples and quit falling into Ford’s marketing schemes.

Chris Feller
Canton, Ohio

Who is falling for the marketing hype here? Just because Ram chose not to call its max-tow model a 4500 doesn’t mean it isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison. This test is far closer to real-world capability than if we tested an F-350. The “1-ton” Ram matches the “1 1/2-ton” F-450 in GVWR at 14,000 pounds but beats it in GCWR (37,500 pounds vs. 33,000 pounds), payload (5,800 pounds vs. 4,969 pounds), and max fifth-wheel towing (29,130 pounds vs. 24,700 pounds), although the F-450 has the edge in conventional towing (18,500 pounds vs. 17,000 pounds). Also, don’t discount the F-450 as a daily driver, as its wide-track front axle makes the truck more maneuverable than an F-350, and the ride is just as good.

Responding To “That Guy”

I just read Jason Gonderman’s editorial in the February issue of Diesel Power, and I have to say I couldn’t agree more. As a lifelong gearhead, I’ve met a lot of “those guys,” and it’s really sad to see our hobby and passion being ruined and taken from us because of closed-minded fools.

I’ve been primarily a GM guy most of my life, with a few Fords and Mopars just to mix it up, but I really don’t care. I’ve got buddies who eat, sleep, and dream Fords, and I’ll park my Camaro in their driveways just to ruffle their feathers. But the reality is, we don’t care what your poison is, as long as you’re out there doing it. It doesn’t matter what you are into: a deuce coupe, a Fiero kit car, or a lifted, smoke-blowing, turbo-spooling diesel truck. We all have one thing in common, and that is we are gearheads. So why are we cutting each other down? I just bought my first diesel to find out three days later that I have to replace the head studs and turbo (damn 6.0Ls), but that doesn’t mean I hate Fords or Ford guys now. In fact, if anything, it’s fueling the fire. I can’t wait to get it back and see what kind of figures this tune and new turbo will produce.

I guess what I’m getting at is we are fortunate to have a hobby that is so diverse that virtually anyone can get into it. We need to learn to respect and admire others’ creativity and ingenuity. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Ford, Chevy, Mopar, or even an import. It doesn’t matter if it’s lifted or slammed, boosted or sprayed. The point is, we are out there and we are doing it, and we’re enjoying what we have. Let’s not let single-minded fools ruin it for us.

Alex Simmons
Bartonville, Illinois

Corrective Action

I noticed that on the current issue, Feb. ’14, on page 43 you have Elite Diesel’s web address printed incorrect: It did not go to the store site. Instead, after a web search, I found Elite at Thanks for a good magazine.

Sheldon Heselton
Alvarado, Texas

Thanks for the note; we’ve found that both addresses work.

I just got done reading Jason Gonderman’s “Don’t Be That Guy” editorial in the February issue. What a great article. These people who roll smoke from stoplight to stoplight are really hard on our public image. Like Paul Harvey used to say, “self regulation doesn’t work without self discipline.”

I lost a fuel injector over the holidays, so my truck is down while I wait for parts. I am currently driving a gasoline-fueled truck, and I hate it. I want my diesel back. Life without diesels would really suck in my opinion.

Again, thanks and I hope people take your editorial to heart. If we can’t control ourselves, the government will.

Scott Erickson
via email

Great column about “that guy.” He is not only in the States, but also small-town Canada -- and I think things are only going to get worse with the Big Three slowly putting diesel engines in ½-tons. With a light truck to start with and a few aftermarket parts, “that guy” is going to be everywhere. I hope he smartens up. Jason Gonderman is one reason Diesel Power is such a great magazine. Keep up the good work.

Ted Young
Somewhere in Canada

By Diesel Power Staff
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