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Free Fuel-Finding iPhone App

You’ll Never Have To Search For Diesel Fuel Again

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How many times have you hopped into your truck and found the fuel gauge needle sitting on empty? Maybe the last person who drove it was too lazy to fuel it up, maybe you’re in an unfamiliar part of town, or maybe you’re on a cross-country road trip and you’re praying there’s diesel off the next exit ramp. None of that matters anymore, because searching for diesel fuel stations just became obsolete!

Owners of Apple’s iPhone or iPad can now download Diesel Power’s Fuel Station Finder from the iTunes store so they’ll never have to troll around looking for a fuel station that actually sells diesel again. And this app isn’t limited to only one oil company—we’ve strung all the diesel stations in America together to create a one-stop resource that’ll never be out of arm’s reach.

Diesel Power’s Fuel Station Finder
Here’s How It Works:

  • It allows you to explore maps at different distances to find stations that sell diesel
  • Use the route planner to enter a beginning and destination location—and the Fuel Finder will show you all the diesel stations you’ll pass by on your trip
  • It even lets you save your favorite stations
  • You can share your favorite fuel locations with friends
  • You can set notifications to alert you if a station within a certain distance has diesel
  • You can be automatically alerted to new updates and expanded capabilities

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