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Diesel Power Magazine’s News section takes an in-depth look at trends and technological developments in the diesel world
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Latest Articles

10 Easy-Deezy Mods
Mopar folks are a proud bunch who understand that Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth have always made... more
2008 Ford F-450 - Jubal’s Way
When Jubal (he requested that his last name not be published) moved to northwest Montana in 2001,... more
SEMA Show 2014
For the crew here at Diesel Power, attending SEMA is all about being able to get the latest info on... more
March 2015 Top Diesel Tech Questions
Why aren’t diesels supercharged from the factory? I understand turbos on racing engines that need... more
Ram Passes Chevy In Monthly Truck Sales
 We made sure to wait until after April Fool's Day to break this news to you...... more
ATS Diesel Dyno Day
 Who's headed to ATS Diesel's "Let It Roll" dyno day this Saturday?!...... more
New Injection Shop Opens Its Doors Out East
 Our friends at Maryland Performance Diesel have expanded and opened up a new injection shop...... more
10 Year Comparison
 It's been a busy week for Ford trucks to say the least...... more
Myself and Thomas are always wrenching on our diesels. Thomas made a YouTube channel and started... more
need advice on chevy 97 6.5l turbo diesel
I am new to the diesel world. I am lookinng to set up a welding rig to start my own welding repair... more
MILEAGE on a 7.3L Power Stroke
i am looking at a 95 powerstroke. what kind of mileage do these babies get? do they work well with... more