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Toyota Land Cruiser Fj40 - Diesel Engine Swap - Biocon Cruiser

Retro Toyota Turbo Diesel Swap

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Toyota Land Cruiser Specialists (TLC) has taken its restoration business a step further and started offering its own line of FJ40 Land Cruiser-based vehicles called the Icon. Recently, one of the Icons received an optional 2.8L International diesel engine that combines great fuel economy and torque wrapped in a classic package. Since the FJ40 was never available with a diesel engine in the U.S., the Icon gives Land Cruiser lovers the diesel they never had. Called the Biocon for its ability to run on B100 biodiesel, we decided to take a closer look at what makes this clean Cruiser tick.

A differentiation must be made between a restored vehicle and one that is basically built from the ground up. The only actual stock part on the TLC Icon is a '60-'78 frame, and even that is reinforced, modified, and then powdercoated. Suspension mounts are also revised to stretch the wheelbase, improving weight distribution. Every other part on the vehicle is custom built, including the entire body, suspension, powertrain, electrical system, and interior. In addition to the frame modifications, the floorpan of the vehicle is changed to make more usable space. The vehicles are assembled by a six-man team one at a time at TLC in Van Nuys, California. While TLC also restores older vehicles, the Biocon uses virtually all new parts to practically make it a brand-new vehicle.

The resulting product of all this effort is one that truly embodies the feel of the original FJ40, while offering improved seating, braking, power, fuel economy, and a more comfortable ride. With the 2.8L diesel installed, it's said to get 25-30 mpg and runs at an easy 2,200 rpm at 70 mph. Not only is it biodiesel capable but TLC has been running B100 fuel since day one in this vehicle. The fuel system was actually designed with bio fuel in mind to put an Earth-friendly twist on four-wheeling. The end product of all this effort is very impressive; with the 2.8L diesel swap in the vehicle, it has almost everything you could ask for: fuel efficiency, off-road capability, a classic look, and modern performance and driveability. Getting your own custom, handbuilt Biocon doesn't come cheap though. The diesel model has a starting price (which is basically fully loaded) of $92,500, which will reserve it for only the most hard-core enthusiasts.

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