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1997 Ford F-250: The New Muscle Car is a Truck

Classic Ford Power

Text By Jason Thompson, Photography by Jason Thompson

Over the years, Diesel Power has maintained a number of themes in the articles. One thing we like to talk about is the current horsepower wars going on between the pickups built by Ford, GM, and Chrysler. We think it’s reminiscent of the battle the cars went through in the ’60s. This is apparent if you look at the black-with-white-racing-stripes ’07 F-350 dualie that graced the cover of Diesel Power back in 2007. A Shelby Cobra replica inspired that Ford. The ’97 F-250 featured in this article also has a ponycar connection. It’s owner, Yordan Calzadilla, is a painter for Shelby American located in Las Vegas.

We asked Yordan if the gasoline car gurus he works with gave him a hard time for wanting to fix up a diesel pickup. He said they would’ve if it wasn’t a Ford—but actually they are all very inquisitive and think it’s cool. Yordan took one from the hot-rodders’ playbook when he bought a relatively cheap but solid platform and then customized it for his use and liking.

By Jason Thompson
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