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1964 400hp Ford Power Stroke Galaxie Station Wagon

Out Of This World

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Diesel swaps are getting more and more common, but a 6.0L Power Stroke in a Galaxie Wagon? Yep, that’s what you’re looking at here. This is quite possibly the baddest—no strike that. This is the baddest Country Squire in existence! It was born from the brain of Chaz Lightner from Phoenix, Arizona. The sweet ’64 is one of the few rides we’ve featured in which literally every single part on the vehicle has been modified.

The multi-year project began with Chaz and buddy Matt Bong pulling and repositioning the 6.0L Power Stroke engine more than 15 times to finally get it right. Chaz then welded up the engine mounts, built headers (to fit the parallel turbos), and fabricated a custom oil pan (complete with a Canton Racing Accusump) to make the engine fit under the hood.

The headers Chaz built are connected to a pair of 50mm turbochargers from Turbo Auto Diesel. From there, the air ventures into a cool, multi-runner intake designed and built by Chaz, which helps improve airflow and keeps boost pressures down. The rest of the 6.0L engine got the performance treatment as well. Strictly Diesel went through the engine, O-ringed the head, and installed head studs, an EGR delete, and an oil-cooler-relocation kit from Bulletproof Diesel. Modified injectors were also installed to give the engine plenty of fuel, and custom SCT tuning by DP-Tuner ties it all together.

Surprisingly, the transmission is a stock 5R110 five-speed, right down to the factory torque converter. It has held up well, and the Galaxie’s 5,200-pound weight probably has something to do with that. The rest of the drivetrain was heavily modified, however.

The rearend is a 10½-inch Sterling that was fitted with 9-inch ends, 3.73 gears, and Strange 35-spline axles. The stock steering was old and in the way, so an ididit column and Unisteer power rack-and-pinion setup found their way into the car. Stopping is handled by a wicked set of six-piston Baer brakes.

Chaz’s Country Squire wagon is built for driving, and that’s what he’s been doing with it. With its classic looks, shaved door handles, tinted windows, and killer stance, it draws attention even when it’s parked. “If a crowd gathers, I hit the remote-start button and fire it up before I even get to the car,” Chaz remarked. “Once they hear the diesel rattle, they really don’t know what to think!” With nearly a 1,000-mile-range vehicle, we’d say Chaz will be doing a lot of driving, and we wish him and his cool creation well—no matter what road he finds himself on.

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