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2010 Ford F-250: The Perfect Power Stroke?

Craftsman Tools and Diesel Power Magazine Build the Ultimate 6.4L Ford F-250

Text By , Photography by , , Wes AlIison

When Diesel Power magazine was contacted by Craftsman Tools to help build the ultimate bolt-on Ford diesel pickup, we jumped at the chance. Hot Rod and Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road magazines were also in on the challenge, each with their own modified versions of new Ford trucks. Our goal with this 6.4L-powered '10 Ford F-250 was to be able to keep up with Hot Rod's truck in a drag race, while performing just as well as 4-Wheel & Off-Road's on the trail. While the other two trucks would be focused on doing just a couple of tasks, ours could do it all, and do it well-which is what owning a new diesel truck is all about!

Off-Road Capabilities
Since we would be trying to keep up with 4-Wheel & Off-Road's 5.4L-powered F-150, we decided to perform many of the same off-road modifications it did-only bigger. Our rig was larger and heavier, so we needed more tire to do the job, which meant a taller lift. Pro Comp supplied a 6-inch lift with Fox reservoir shocks for our Ford, which was installed by 4Wheel Parts and Accessories in just a few hours. The tires were also upgraded to 37-inch BFGoodrich M-Ts, which were mounted on 20-inch KMC XD Series wheels. With just a small section trimmed off the inner fender, the truck cleared the 37s fine, and its turning abilities were left intact. Considering the length and width of the truck, it didn't look overly lifted with the 6-inch kit-it looked just right.

Diesels Are The New Hot Rods
Since our horsepower goal was to keep up with Hot Rod's nitrous-assisted F-150, we knew we needed a bit more than stock, yet we didn't want to start hacking up the truck, or destroy our stock transmission. For this reason, we went with a complete Banks Big Hoss kit, which includes a programmer (which is DPF-friendly), a free-flowing exhaust, and a high-flow air intake and intercooler system. With these modifications, EGT was kept to near-stock levels, while the power was increased from 270 to more than 350 hp at the rear wheels. Since we would have roughly the same horsepower (or even a bit more) as Hot Rod's truck, we figure a four-wheel-drive boosted launch should take care of its F-150 in short order on the dragstrip.

This is a truck anyone could use as a daily driver. It's faster than stock, while still keeping the factory emissions equipment intact, and it looks and performs better off-road than a non-lifted rig. Plus, if the need arose, we could get a two-car trailer and haul both of the other trucks around in tow-a feat that separates the diesel from the rest of the gas truck field. Ah yes, the future is certainly bright for our multipurpose vehicles-and the public thought so, too. At this year's 2010 SEMA show, the Diesel Power magazine F-250 was voted the winner of the Ultimate Craftsman Ford Truck Buildout.

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