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1999 Ford Super Duty - Full Race

5.9L Cummins-Powered Super Duty Built To Bracket Race

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What's Next?
When we met up with Lightner at the track he was still testing the truck out. His previous trip to Speedworld Raceway outside of Phoenix resulted in a split intake manifold that could not withstand the triple-digit boost pressures. Lightner ran high 12s on fuel only and a stock P-pump, so there is plenty of power left on the table. The rollcage, driveshaft hoop, and other safety features leave Lightner with room to go faster in the future without breaking any track rules. Making his newest creation quicker at the dragstrip should keep him from thinking about painting that Shelby Mustang orange, and shoehorning a Cummins engine under the hood--at least for the time being.

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