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2008 Dodge Ram 3500: Air-Ride Equipped

Tow, show, and lots of go- all in one

Text By Jason Thompson, Photography by Jason Thompson

Albert Contreras originally built this '08 Dodge Ram 3500 to tow, but the workhorse soon turned into a show truck because of all the attention it was receiving. Just because this Mega Cab was destined for SEMA doesn't mean it quit its day job pulling a camper or trailer loaded with Jeeps. Albert owns Jeep Thrillz Off Road of Compton, California, and takes weekly trips with his creations to the El Mirage desert area for testing. In the process of these journeys, the Ram has morphed from an unassuming utilitarian rig into a diesel-powered star attraction.

Air Springs Make it Possible
Albert told us that when he first lifted the truck, the rear suspension was too rough for unloaded daily driving. So to change this, he four-linked the rear and added air springs- and the front suspension got the same treatment. Although air suspensions might seem like a new thing, they really aren't. The first vehicle equipped with pneumatic springs was from the '30s, and it was called the Stout Scarab. Since then, a few OEMs have used air in passenger vehicles in some form, but where they get the most play is in the trucking industry. If they can hold up tons of freight for millions of miles, they must be good.

By Jason Thompson
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