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Scheid Diesel Super Stock Pulling Truck - Top-Secret Cummins Race Engine

Exclusive Look Inside Scheid Diesel's Triple-Turbo Super Stock Puller

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This kind of opportunity comes along once in a lifetime, and one it's one that'll make you all glad you're Diesel Power readers. Traditionally, professional diesel sled pullers won't tell you anything about their pulling trucks, and for years, most wouldn't even let you see their engines. It's not because sled pullers are secretive people by nature, it's because the level of competition is so high, they can't risk letting out any of their secrets-until now, that is!

In the sled pulling and drag racing world, there is one name that is synonymous with diesel performance-Scheid Diesel. With three locations smack-dab in the heartland of the United States, there's not a diesel sled puller in the country who's not familiar with the Scheid name. And for good reason, Dan Scheid's organization is a full-service diesel company that offers everything from diesel repair and maintenance to modifications and performance parts. But the one aspect that really gets this family run business excited is their motorsports program.

This Scheid Diesel Super Stock pulling truck has been in the works for more than a year and a half, but the 5.9L Cummins under the hood is a culmination of more than 39 years of working on competitive diesel engines. When the truck debuted at the TS Performance Outlaw Sled Pull, there was a crowd gathered around the trailer to see it roll into the public eye for the first time. Even Scheid's competitors (many of whom are good friends and business associates of the Scheid family) were on hand to check out the new machine before the pull that night. Yet only Diesel Power had the honor of seeing the triple-turbo Cummins firsthand and can give you the inside story of what goes into a 2,000hp race engine like this.

There's Only Four Dodge Parts In The Whole Truck
We know it looks like an '09 Dodge Ram, but it's actually a custom-built vehicle that uses a fiberglass body fitted to a chromoly tube chassis built by Engler Machine in Princeton, Indiana. In fact, the only four Dodge parts in the whole truck are the cylinder head, engine block, and the door handles. The rest was either built by Scheid Diesel, or to Scheid's specifications, using components designed for competitive sled pulling.

The body was fitted to the chassis by McKinney Corp Race Cars in Lafayette, Indiana. McKinney Corp's attention to detail is stunning, and unlike many other Super Stock pulling trucks that feature lift-off bodies, this truck's doors and hood actually open and close.

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