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2002 Chevy Silverado - The Best Of Both Worlds

Empire Diesel's 12-second, Sled-pulling Duramax

Photography by Courtesy Of Scheid Diesel,

Fuel is delivered through a set of Dynomite Diesel Performance injectors designed to flow 100 percent more than stock. Dual Fueler CP3 injection pumps from PPE and a FASS fuel system provide consistent fuel to the injectors. PPE tuning, modified by Chad using EFILive, dialed the truck in electronically. The fact that EGTs reach 1,700 degrees on occasion confirm our belief that his Duramax is generating some serious power.

The factory Allison transmission was built by Sun Coast, and features a billet rear tail housing. Up front, a Sun Coast 1055 triple-disc converter transfers power from the engine and gives the turbo a chance to spool and light effectively. To play it safe, Chad decided to use a transmission blanket, which is required on all competition trucks that exceed 4,500 rpm. The factory suspension and shocks were retained, but traction bars and blocks were added to limit breakage.

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