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High Roller 2006 Chevrolet 2500 HD


Photography by Steve Temple

Next came the part that every diesel guy can relate to. "In my eyes, the bigger and louder the truck, the better it is. Of course, since my truck is so big the only way it can roll is with a diesel engine. Diesel provides that extra-loud growl, and the power is so immense and fierce." He sure got that right. Go to the head of the class, Austin (now we know why he gets straight A's).Obviously, one of his favorite parts about the truck is its speed. "Despite how huge the tires are and how high the truck is in the air, this truck still pins you to the seat." He says the Superchips programmer and custom SRS 5-inch exhaust boosted the acceleration quicker than a hard spin on the roulette wheel.

Austin then doubled-down, putting all his chips on making a really unique graphic statement. "I planned this by first avoiding the flame paintjob. Although I have seen some pretty good work, flames are way overrated," Austin said. "So I had to come up with a different type of style. This style, of course, was the inverted shark fin, as I like to call it. It allows for a sharp, powerful display yet doesn't take away from the whole of the truck." He picked the lime green accent to add a little more color to the design just to give it that extra edge. Pearl white was the original base, chosen because of its cleaner look-and it makes more sense in the desert heat too.On the inside of the truck Austin wanted something simple but flashy, so he went for a gray suede headliner along with blue and light green suede seat accents (in keeping with the exterior hues). He also added silver carbon fiber trim panels on the dash and door panels.

An audio system was one of the last things Austin had on his wish list, so Auto Visions installed JL Audio amplifiers with a 10-inch subwoofer in the front center console, 6.5-inch component speakers in the doors, and tweeters in the A-pillars. The Alpine head unit has an iPod interface to download an extensive library of tunes. Ever the watchful dad, Randy was concerned about Austin's ability to see behind him while backing up, so he had a 3.5-inch color monitor flush-mounted in the dash with a camera mounted over the towing receiver.

So how did Austin's buddies react when he rolled into the school parking lot? "Of course, the truck has also brought me one of the biggest reputations at school. I'm known as the kid with the crazy, huge, massive, awesome, totally tricked-out truck. Which are, by far, the elements that I hoped to create," Austin admits. "Of course, I am also well-known for the 'Skirts Only' lighted door sills, which are admired greatly." It's amazing what a cool ride can do for your reputation because, up until then, Austin had a different sort of image. For some strange reason, Austin had received a set of floormats as a present with the Tinkerbell character from Peter Pan embroidered on them. (It had something to do with an inside joke involving the nickname "Tink," but getting that info will cost you.) Then Angelo and Paul of Auto Visions starting kidding Austin about those freaky floormats because they made no sense whatsoever in a big, bad diesel pickup. "No, you gotta have something that fits with the image here, dude." So they came up with the "Skirts Only" theme instead. Hey, if he can't get a date with this truck, nobody can. Like we said up front, always bet on Black.

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