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Diesel Power Magazine’s Features section showcases custom Cadillac diesel engine trucks, cars, SUVs and vans from across the U.S. and around the world.

Latest Articles

First Class - Particulate Matters
While I am a frequent flyer, I seldom get to sit in the exclusive space up front (I use the miles... more
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05 lly
when it is cold my truck limps when I go to shift into reverse or drive. and it pops up a code on... more
Forever Endeavor
Thomas noticed he had brake fluid leaking on the rear passenger wheel of ole blue. We pulled the... more
6- Interco Trxus STS tires forsale size 33-12.50-17
-6- Interco Trxus STS tires forsale size 33-12.50-17 They are in great shape, almost new, only... more
wanting to install a programmer in my 5.9 cummins, any suggestions?
I suggest the Smarty Tuner with gauges (as Kris mentioned earlier). Good idea to straight for... more