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Big Power Diesel Sled Pull - Desert Shootout

One Of California's Biggest Street Diesel Sled Pulls

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While many diesel owners use their trucks to tow trailers or campers, there is a bigger towing challenge out there. That's right folks-we're talking about sled pulling. Out on the West Coast, sled pulling isn't filled with 2.6-inch-inducer trucks with $30,000 engines, or a field of 1,500hp Modified Class pullers, but it is a great place for new diesel enthusiasts to test their truck's power against a formidable opponent-the 40,000-pound Terminator Sled. In late September, groups from California and Nevada showed up to test their trucks against the sled in Lancaster, California.

About 80 miles north of Los Angeles, the event was sponsored by Big Power Diesel and featured classes for two-wheel-drive stockers, all the way up to Super Street, which had 800hp fire-breathing monsters.

Although most of these trucks were street driven, the action was still intense, as Fords, Chevys, and Dodges battled it out for a shot at First Place. With more than 60 trucks and tractors at this year's event, we were quite happy that so many diesel owners were willing to subject their vehicles to this kind of abuse. We look forward to seeing more pullers out here on the West Coast, and if you're thinking about getting into the sport, now's the time to do it-the competition will only be getting tougher.

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