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Diesel Power Challenge East Trailer Tow Test

10,000 pound tow test

Trailer Tow Test

The next challenge featured a trailer saddled with a Bobcat tractor for a total trailer weight of 10,000 pounds. Drivers had just one chance to launch while towing this heavy load, then they had to complete an eighth-mile pass down the track. If this sounds simple to you, please send in the entry form on page 89 before checking yourself into a mental rehabilitation facility. After blowing a head gasket during his one run, Jeremy Radojcsics may be willing to help you check in.

Micheal Tomac and his red Duramax had much better luck during his first-place run down the track. He started slow and steady to avoid trailer hop, then put the hammer down until he passed the eighth-mile marker 10.974 seconds later. Brian Carter used his drag racing experience to complete a similar launch during his second-place pass that took just 11.004 seconds. Third place went to Jeremy Moss in the gray Duramax, with a time of 11.262 seconds.

Be sure to check out Page 2 for tons more exciting Tow Test Photos!

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