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Erik Clausen: 2012 Diesel Power Challenge Competitor

2008 Ford F-250, 6.4L Power Stroke

Text By , Photography by Diesel Power Staff

If Erik Clausen and his truck don’t look familiar, that’s because the bad blue Ford was an ultra-last-minute substitution for Mike Dilehay’s green ’08 Super Duty. While tuning his green meanie, Mike bent a couple of rods in his 1,200hp 6.4L Power Stroke a few days before the competition. A substitute had to quickly be found, and Erik Clausen was chosen, mainly because his truck was already in Colorado, getting work done at Elite Diesel. With only two days notice, Erik flew into Denver and proceeded to prep his truck for our competition by promptly grenading its turbos. Mike Dilehay was generous enough to let Erik borrow the set off his truck, and with literally just a few hours to spare, Erik was ready for the challenge.

A Monster Truck Enters DPC
Erik’s truck is built up with a set of Elite Diesel High-Power compound turbochargers, a modified injection pump, and aftermarket nozzles. It also carries a Nitrous Express kit with a progressive controller that can be carefully tuned for each event. The Elite Diesel 5R110 race transmission should be reliable throughout the event and provide plenty of power to the big, aggressive 33x13.50R22 Interco tires. While the truck makes an estimated 1,000 hp, the real story is that it’s the only vehicle in Diesel Power Challenge so far that has a completely aftermarket suspension configuration.

Erik’s truck features an 8-inch lift with a Pure Performance coilover conversion—a kit that replaces the regular suspension with a four-link design and King coilover shocks. An oddity in this competition of stock, or near-stock height trucks, it’s not exactly clear whether the lift will help or hurt Erik. With a lifted truck winning in 2009 (Robert Evans), we’ve learned not to count anyone out, but the link suspension is new to us. While the usual reaction to big lifts is, “It will break,” Pure Performance makes desert-race stuff designed for jumping, so in this case we’re not so sure it won’t be just as reliable as the stock stuff. The fact that Erik took the trouble of fitting six-piston Stillen-AP Racing brake calipers, adding 15-inch-diameter cross-drilled and slotted rotors, and re-gearing his truck with 4.33 gears demonstrates that it’s much more than just a lifted showpiece.

A True Driver
Look for Erik’s truck to be very strong on the dyno, where nitrous and a VGT high-pressure turbo should give him a very good torque number. Also look for Erik to do well in the sled pull (if he doesn’t bounce), as his truck is very heavy. We’ve actually seen this truck drive 1,000 miles and drag race before, so oddly enough, look for Erik to be a threat at the dragstrip—especially if the traction is bad. While Erik’s rig is definitely a wildcard, be prepared for a combination of good driving and a well-engineered combination to make him a threat.

Name: Erik Clausen, Cantua Creek, California
Vehicle: 2008 Ford F-250
Driver Experience: Dyno, drag racing, towing, wrenching
Engine: 6.4L Power Stroke, 1,000 hp and 1,800 lb-ft
Turbos: Elite Diesel High-Power, Banks intercooler
Electronics: SCT and KEM
Injection System: Elite Diesel lift pump, Industrial Injection Dragon Flow injection pump, Elite Diesel 110hp nozzles
Injectables: NX two-stage
Intake/Exhaust system: Custom intake, Flo-Pro 5-inch exhaust
Transmission: Elite Diesel racing transmission with Sun Coast converter
Suspension: Four-link coilover front and rear, providing 8 inches of lift
Tires: 37x13.50R22 Interco
Wheels: 22x12 American Force
Differential: 4.33 gears
Other: Elite Diesel pistons, Stage I camshaft, Stage II heads, six-piston brakes, sound deadening in cab

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