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Quarter Mile Drag Race Results and Finishing Order: Diesel Power Challenge 2011

The Results Are In!

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Half way through Day 2 of Diesel Power Challenge 2011 and the Quarter Mile Drag Race event is in the books! For more of the details on today's events be sure to check out our blogs!

1. Joel Saunders - 11.267 @ 125.62mph
2. Newly Tolf - 11.417 @ 125.41mph
3. Dmitri Millard -11.621 @ 117.77mph
4. Rocky Horn - 11.775 @ 112.18mph
5. Fidel Valasquez - 11.864 @ 116.87mph
6. Andy Parker - 12.026 @ 114.26mph
7. Dustin West - 12.450 @ 112.87mph
8. Shone Patel - 13.869 @ 69.31mph
9. Scott Lindsey - 14.524 @ 61.86mph

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