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1/4 Mile Drag Race Event Part 1: Diesel Power Challenge 2011

Hot Drag Action!

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XDP D-Power
ATS Diesel
Snow Performance
Test drove some new trucks, my thoughts and questions
Won't be driving it in the winter. I have another truck to use that I don't care if it gets all the... more
Buying first truck
I agree with H250; take the Dodge Cummins. Cummins is the only diesel that has the data to show... more
7.3 loses oil pressure above 2500 rpm's
Make sure the dipstick is installed correctly. Too much or little oil will cause the pump to suck... more
Power Parts for the IDI diesels?
Sell it and buy a truck 10 years newer with twice the power stock. You would spend that much money... more
can you put a cat engine into a old chevy???
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