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1/8 Mile Trailer Drag Race Event: Diesel Power Challenge 2011

More Hot Drag Action!

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Our 1/8th Mile Trailer Tow Drag Race is now in the books. Competitors took a 10,000lb trailer for a run down drag strip.

Finishing Order
1. Rocky Horn - 10.244 @ 72.38mph
2. Joel Saunders - 10.627 @ 73.34mph
3. Andy Parker - 11.014 @ 69.14mph
4. Dustin West - 11.525 @ 65.54mph
5. Fidel Velasquez - 11.611 @ 67.54mph
6. Newly Tolf - 12.676 @ 62.01mph
7. Scott Lindsey - 17.028 @ 60.63mph

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