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Dyno Test Results and Finishing Order: Diesel Power Challenge 2011

The Results Are In!

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Day one of competition is now over and here are the full results from a long thirteen hour day on the dyno. For more of the details on today's events be sure to check out our blogs!

1. Dmitri Millard - 1,314.8 HP & 2391.7 lb/ft Torque
2. Shone Patel - 1,158.8 HP & 2,115.7 lb/ft
3. Owen Horst - 950.5 HP & 1,980.6 lb/ft
4. Scott Lindsey - 1099.0 HP & 1949.2 lb/ft
5. Dustin West - 989.4 HP & 1,749.7 lb/ft
6. Andy Parker - 843.1 HP & 1,676.7 lb/ft
7. Newly Tolf - 930.2 HP & 1,565.7 lb/ft
8. Joel Saunders - 790.9 HP & 1,560.3 lb/ft
9. Rocky Horn - 879.5 HP & 1,471 lb/ft
10. Fidel Valesquez - 784.7 HP & 1,324.1 lb/ft
*All numbers are corrected.

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