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2010 Diesel Power Challenge Competitors

Inside The 14 Most Capable Diesel Trucks On the Planet

Text By Jason Thompson, Photography by The Diesel Power Staff

Five years ago, we created the industry's premier invitation-only competition-the Diesel Power Challenge. The Diesel Power Challenge is a six-event diesel death match designed to find the reader with the most powerful and capable diesel truck in the country. The DPC brings the top Dodge, GM, and Ford diesel trucks together in one place to dyno, drag race, sled pull, trailer tow, and drive on a 100-mile fuel economy test.

The effects of this competition are far-reaching, and many past contenders have been catapulted to the top of the diesel performance world based on their success in this event. The DPC has also become a proving ground for new diesel technology. Using prototype hardware and tuning strategies, our readers have seized control of their vehicles and are able to get them to do things that would seem impossible to the uninitiated.

The DPC pits everyday pickups against each other in a three-day ordeal that begins on the chassis dyno, where each vehicle is tested for peak torque output. Day two begins with a trip to the dragstrip for acceleration testing-with and without a 10,000-pound trailer. To make things interesting, we're also going to add a 60-to-0-mph brake test, because even fast vehicles have to stop. Then we'll put the trucks in formation and take them on a 100-mile march to test their efficiency and durability. If any of the trucks are still running, we'll hook each of them to a 30,000-pound sled to see who can drag it the farthest. The winner of the Diesel Power Challenge is the reader with the best combined score after all six events.

Of the hundreds of entries we received for this year's DPC, our staff has chosen the following 14 combatants. For more in-depth coverage of the competitors and their machines, you can check out and look for the complete event analysis in next month's issue, which goes on sale August 3, 2010.

By Jason Thompson
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