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DPC '10 Competitor Interview: Dustin Woodhouse

2008 Ford F-350

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The 6.4L Power Stroke has definitely brought Fords back into the performance spotlight in the past year. And like everyone else, we've noticed how easy power can be made with the twin-turbo, common-rail V-8 platform. Trucks equipped with DPF-deletes, a hot tune and nitrous can crack 700 hp at the wheels. Although, it's the 6.4L's durability that makes us believe it can be competitive in an event like the Diesel Power Challenge. And while we definitely think more than 700 hp is needed to be competitive, it's a good starting point-and all three 6.4L Power Strokes should make plenty more than that.

Dustin Woodhouse will be operating one of three 6.4L powered Fords at this year's event. Trying something different, he opted to convert the twin-turbo setup into one large single charger, and is in the process of several power upgrades, as well as durability modifications. Reliability is his long-term goal, but for the short term he'd just like to get the truck prepared and tested as soon as possible. Here's how he plans to represent Team Ford:

Diesel Power: What changes are you making to the truck?
Dustin Woodhouse: "The truck right now is getting head studs, gaskets, valve springs, push rods, an Elite Diesel injection pump, injector nozzles, wastegate, and a transmission."

DP: Do you still plan to run the single turbo?
DW: "I'm not sure what I am going to do for turbos yet, but I might run a bigger version of the turbo that I have now."

DP: What tires do you plan to use?
DW: "I'm going to run 33-inch tires, and I think I'll be taking the lift kit off and running a leveling kit, or even stock suspension."

DP: What is your strategy going to be for each event?
DW: "I should do pretty decent pulling, not sure about the drag strip though. I guess we will find out. If I can cut a 1.75-second 60-foot time I'll be happy."

DP: Any other modifications for durability purposes?
DW: "I'm mainly just doing reliability things like having the drivelines re-tubed, and installing drive shaft loops-that sort of thing."

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