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DPC '10 Competitor Interview: Bryan Garey/Tadd Layton

2008 Ford F-250

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Bryan Garey's '08 F-250 arrived at the 2009 Diesel Power Challenge one of the most highly modified 6.4L Power Strokes at the time. Unfortunately, a failed injection pump ended his chances of competing before the event got under way. This year, and with a few more modifications done to the truck, Bryan will once again be loading up and heading to Bowling Green.

With an estimated 900 hp on nitrous, the truck should be a force to be reckoned with. And, being that a Super Duty with a similar setup made more than 1,000 hp on a dyno earlier this year, Bryan's F-250 may have four digit horsepower under the hood. We recently caught up with Tadd Layton of Elite Diesel Engineering, who has not only helped modify Bryan's truck, but will also be one of his crewmembers at the 2010 Diesel Power Challenge. Here's what he had to say:

Diesel Power: What changes are you guys making to the truck?
Tadd Layton: "Versus last year, not a whole lot. It's pretty much the same thing. We're sticking with the Tow Power turbos because it's been a reliable setup. It will be getting more nitrous, and a few upgrades to the tranny. He's also running a set of traction bars from Farmboy Fabrications, and a front locker."

DP: What tires does he plan to use?
TL: "He'll be giving an all-terrain a shot. Nitto terra grapplers."

DP: What is your team's strategy going to be for each event?
TL: "He's a drag racer, so we'll be looking to do strong in that, and should make some quick passes at the drag strip. He'll probably make a fuel only pass first, then try the nitrous (If you break right off the bat it's not worth it)."

"On the dyno, we want to try and get the nitrous to come on pretty hard down low, because torque is what wins. The goal is to really load it hard down low."

"We can pull out a mid-pack finish in the sled pull."

"As for the trailer tow, we'll probably go a little conservative, but you can't be too conservative or you'll finish at the back of the pack."

DP: What spare parts are you guys bringing?
TL: "Right now, we'll probably bring a tranny."

DP: Who are Bryan's crewmembers?
TL: "Me, Dan Schoenfelder, and another mechanically-inclined guy named Garrett."

DP: Any other thoughts?
TL: "Me and Dan have competed in the past, so we'll have a lot of advice to offer him throughout the event."

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