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Diesel Power Challenge 2012

Diesel Power Challenge 2012 has come to a close! We would like to congratulate all of our competitors on a job well done. In the end we had nine of the ten trucks still running thanks mostly to the hard work of the drivers and their crews.

Top 3:
1. Erik Clausen
2. Jeremy Pierce
3. Aaron Rudolf

Video Review

Diesel Power is on a mission to find the most powerful truck in the world. We've invited readers from all over the country to submit their modified machines to compete in a three-day diesel-powered torture test known as the Diesel Power Challenge (DPC). From the hundreds of entries we received, we've selected three Fords, three Dodges, and three GMs, and instructed them to descend on Denver Colorado in May for our invitational event. To keep things interesting, we're also inviting back the 2011 Diesel Power Challenge Champion, Rocky Horn to defend his title.

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Torture Test
Unlike other diesel motorsports, the Diesel Power Challenge is as much a science lab as it is a competition. Our goal is to find the reader with the most versatile diesel-powered truck, and because of that we have very few rules. The rules we do have are simply intended to keep this a competition of real trucks.

Separating the Dyno Queens, From the Dyno King
We'll begin by stress-testing all 10 competitors on a chassis dyno to benchmark each vehicle's potential. By the end of Day One we'll know how much torque each competitor has on tap, who the super powers are, and who's brought a knife to a gunfight.

All of the trucks that are still running will then hook up to a 30,000-pound sled to see who can tug it the farthest.

Track Day
On Day Two, we'll take the trucks to the drag strip to see which truck is the quickest. We expect we could see the first 09-second pass in Diesel Power Challenge history. Then we'll hitch each truck up to a 10,000-pound trailer and give each truck a chance to haul down the eight-mile. We'll finish the day with the Trailer Maneuvering test that will keep our competitors on their toes.

Day Three of the DPC will begin at dawn. We'll fuel-up each truck, weigh them, and head out on a 150-mile road trip through the mountains of Colorado to test their durability and fuel economy.

The competitor that scores the most points form all seven events will then be crowned the winner of Diesel Power Challenge 2012!

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2012 Diesel Power Challenge
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